Pool Tip of the Day – Using Pool Stabilizer to Protect your Chlorine!

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Good morning Gateway and surrounding areas!

Today I’d like to discuss the stabilizer used in swimming pools and how it protects the Chlorine from the sun’s UV rays. Stabilizer, otherwise known as Cyanuric Acid, forms a weak molecular bond with free chlorine molecules and acts as “sunscreen” for the chlorine. This helps maintain the level of chlorine through the hot and sunny Florida days and keeps your pool’s disinfectant levels more stable throughout the week.

A balanced amount of stabilizer in your pool should measure between 40 ppm and 80 ppm. If this is achieved and maintained, you will see a reduction in chlorine use!

Most mid-level test kits found at your local pool store have the ability to measure your cyanuric acid levels.

If your cyanuric acid is low in your pool, you can purchase it at your local pool supply store. Follow the instructions found on the product packaging to adjust your cyanuric acid level up to the desired concentration. Pour small amounts under your skimmer basket and run your pump for a minimum of 8 hours after. This will dissolve all of the cyanuric acid into the water and prevent acid “hot spots” in your pool that can potentially cause damage and discoloration. Also, keep in mind if cyanuric acid is too high, some water will need to be drained from your pool and replaced with fresh water from your home’s water supply.


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