Good morning Gateway neighbors and surrounding areas!

Today, I’d like to talk about chlorine tablets and how to use them. Lately, I’ve seen many examples of pool owners putting their chlorine tablets into their skimmer baskets in an effort to boost the pool’s chlorine levels. Doing this is a bad idea and will have a very negative side effect.

Chlorine tablets in direct contact with plastics will degrade them over time. When chlorine tablets are present in the skimmer basket, it will eventually ruin your basket AND the entire skimmer housing. Repair the skimmer housing is costly and time consuming. This also is a common area where pool leaking can occur which will cost the pool owner in water usage as well.

The solution? Have an erosion feeder installed on your equipment and purchase a floating chlorine dispenser. This will help the pool owner keep the chlorine levels up and prolong the life of your equipment!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Sincerely your neighbor in Magnolia Lakes,

David Pullaro

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